vrijdag 23 november 2012

Creativity boost

Improv 3
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From time to time one needs to take some time of from work, and do something completely different.

The other day I realised I was working too hard. So I will take some time soon, to start drawing again.

I am so looking forward to using my new pastels... Just before the summer I took a drawing class - from Carla Sonheim . It's purpose was : drawing 101 faces, and having a lot of fun. And so I did. The final ten drawings,we could use a material of our own choice.

After making about a hundred drawings within a week, in (colored) pencil, watercolor, charcoal, conté crayon, pens, i decided to use pastels.

As Carla was using Pan Pastels, rubbing color into a drawing, rather than using pastel sticks, I tried to do something like that.

And then suddenly this drawing came out. I am still amazed about the drawing, the face, the eyes.

I think it took the hundred to get to this one.

I need to start the next hundred. Don't you think?

The drawing is called Improv 3