dinsdag 2 april 2013

Year of the Giraffe

At the end of January I was tempted to join the project: Year of the Giraffe.
I was still in the middle of the DRAW! course (drawing out my creative self, as it were); and then I was reminded of the year long project, and I thought: oh yes! And so I made a giraffe as part of the DRAW! course.

* So what it this YEAR OF THE GIRAFFE thing? *

Year of the giraffe is : one year of making art, always about the giraffe. An initiative by Carla Sonheim. Carla is a teacher and artist living in Seattle, USA.

Year of the Giraffe is: an experimental year-long journey about creation and also about creativity in general.

The project called “Year of the Giraffe" which is about making, researching, enjoying, and creating anything and everything with the theme of “Giraffe,” was launched by artist Carla Sonheim who asked herself what would happen if a small group of artists will dedicate to one theme for a year.

What will this year bring?
* giraffes and details of giraffes (heads, eyes, ears, legs, tails?);
* drawings, paintings, photographs, mixed media artwork, three dimensional work like sculptures and other art forms ?
Who knows?

We are from all over the world. So to be able to view each others work, we share it online by making pictures and putting these on the flickr photo website. 

We will also be having conference calls talking about the project, about our personal preferences in making art, and about creativity (what it is; what we need to be creative; what habits engender creativity).

At least we won't need to think about what to work on!

My flickr set on Giraffes

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