donderdag 3 oktober 2013

My mini art show

Buurtetalage / neighborhood art window
Some of my art work is shown in Tuindorp Utrecht at the ‘buurtetalage’ (neighborhood art window). The buurtetalage is an initiative of an artist living  in this neighborhood, Elke Bon. She noticed the empty window in this building and arranged with the owner to use the window to show art work.

Anet Verdonk, a painter of wonderful oil paintings showed me the buurtetalage when I came to see her work. I went to see her work space and her paintings of Dutch and Italian scenery some time ago. She kindly offerend to introduce me to Elke. 

What: I am showing two monotype prints and a drawing. 
When: They are in the window from September 27th until November 6 (or 7).
Where: Utrecht, van der Monderstraat 53.

Monoprints from the gelli plate: #1 from yellow series

I have been painting and drawing (more often) for a few years. This year I started making monotype kind of prints using the gelli plate, after I was on an online course with Carla Sonheim, a Seattle based artist and art instructor: Gelli Plate Printmaking, an introductory class. I have been experimenting with  the gelli plate a lot since then.

Anyone who has visited my blog lately will know that I really like how Carla teaches her classes. Another inspiration comes from painting class about color and light in Vianen, with Mieke Siemons, painter and art teacher. 

Giraffe, conté crayon drawing

I am part of the Year of the Giraffe, an(other) initiative of Carla Sonheim: for a year artists from all over the world work on the same subject: the giraffe. Carla gives us a new assignment every month. This is a wonderful initiative, as we all share our work online in the photosite, and exchange ideas through a Yahoogroup and teleconference calls. 

Both amateurs and established artists love to be in the Year of the Giraffe group. Trying out new materials and techniques is nice.

Carla introduced me to drawing with conté crayons, graphite and charcoal during an earlier class. I really like conté crayon, even though at first I hated the scratchy feel when using it. I love the contrast with the white page, and the warmth of the reddish brown color.

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